Microsoft Is Hiring Linux Folks For A Secret Open Source Unit

Over the course of past few months, we have seen something unusual happening at Microsoft. The company, whose former CEO once labelled Linux as a cancer, is now embracing more…

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Anonymous launch dark web chatroom OnionIRC to teach hacktivism

The online hacktivist group takes its members seriously and this was proved when they announced a new chat service specifically dedicated to teaching its new members the skills of hacking,…

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Teach Yourself How To Code In These 10 Simple Steps

Everyone wants to be a coder these days. One reason is the mega bucks the high quality programmers earn and other is the sheer glamour of building your own ultimate…

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This man deleted his entire company with one line of wrong code

Man accidentally ‘deletes his entire company’ with a one line of wrong code A man accidentally deleted his entire company because of one mistaken line of code. Yes, you heard…

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Bing Becomes The Best Search Engine For Programmers, Brings Executable Code Snippets

Microsoft has partnered with the programming community website HackerRank to bring executable code snippets into Bing’s search results page. It’s one of the best new features I’ve seen in a search…

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Google may make Apple’s Swift as a ‘first class’ language for Android

According to the reports from The Next Web, Google is reportedly considering making Apple’s Swift programming language a “first class” language for Android ecosystem, while Facebook and Uber are looking…

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Every new programmer should know these 7 things about coding

7 things a coder who has just started programming should know If you have recently ventured in the world of professional software developers, you should probably be aware about the…

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How You Can Get A Job At Google Just By Its Secret Search

Google has one of the most rigorous and byzantine processes of recruitment. It’s not that you don’t know of, you might at some point at your life wished or even…

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10 Programming Skills That Will Help You to Get Dream Job

The below data and statistics are produced after studying the job boards, portals, postings and requirements as made by various IT Companies across the globe for last three months. The…

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SQL Injection Tutorial: Part 1/3 – Types

[NOTE: The Information given below is for Educational Purpose only, and not for malicious purpose. If you wish to carry out any type of malicious activity using this information, you…

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