How do Hackers Look Like and What They Think?

EDUCATIONAL PROFILE: Almost all hackers finished college or reached that level by self-education. Self-educated hacker is  more respected in hackers community because you really need to have passion to become professiona hacker….

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Learn PHP in 30 Minutes

If you want to become decent Hacker or Penetration Tester you need to know PHP. It’s very easy to learn and used in almost every Website. You can’t “hack” a…

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50 Hacking eBooks PDF Free Download For Ethical Hacking

Hacker’s Education is very important! Most hackers attend college or reached that level by self-education. Self-educated and hands-on experienced hackers and more respected in Hackers Community. All best hackers are…

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Hacker’s T-Shirt Giveaway

If you like any of following T-Shirts and you want to get it FOR FREE you can participate by submitting following form. Winner will receive Email from us on 26th of March…

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Get started with Bash scripting

Introduction: Bash is the shell, or command language interpreter, for the GNU operating system. The name is an acronym for the ‘ Bourne-Again SHell ‘, a pun on Stephen Bourne,…

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The Ultimate JavaScript CheatSheet(Updated)

JavaScript is a very important language to learn for Hackers. So, thats why, we are here to provide you a base in JavaScript. Firstly, we are going to build some…

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Creating Your Own Customized Run Commands

So, now, lets get started! Creating your Customized Run Commands :- The Run command on Microsoft Windows Operating System allows you to directly open an application or document with just…

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