How to secure apache with let’s encrypt on ubuntu 16

This tutorial will show you how to set up a TLS/SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt on an Ubuntu 16.04 server running Apache as a web server. We will also cover…

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How to See Who is Using Your Wireless Network (Windows)

Everyone wants to know who using their wireless connection. This tutorial will teach you how to find out. NOTE: This will also show the list of devices connected to your LAN network….

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How to Crack WPA2 WiFi Password Using Reaver (99%)

PS. Screenshots are from BackTrack, but It’s same on Kali. REAVER IS THE WAY TO GO! Today I am going to teach you how to easily hack WPA/WPA2-PSK enabled networks using…

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How to Disable the Lock Screen on Windows 10

If your PC setup includes a mouse and keyboard, you’ll be happy to know that most of the touchscreen-first features of Windows 8 have gone by the wayside in Windows…

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How To Hack Wi-Fi Hotspots Access

Today we’re gonna take a look at how to hack Wi-Fi hotspots. In the last few years, many commercial hotspots have been poppin’ up literally everywhere. Most of these work…

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VoIP Pentest using Kali Linux

ACE (Automated Corporate Enumerator) is a simple yet powerful VoIP Corporate Directory enumeration tool that mimics the behavior of an IP Phone in order to download the name and extension entries that…

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Capture WiFi traffic using Wireshark

Wireshark uses libpcap or Winpcap libraries to capture network traffic on Windows. Winpcap libraries are not intended to work with wireless network cards, therefore they do not support WiFi network…

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How To Setup VPN On Kali Linux For Anonymity

Virtual Private Networks (vpn) create an encrypted ‘tunnel’ between your computer and the host server, with the internet traffic going in and out of the host server. Your ISP or…

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Top 3 Websites For Vulnerability Research

After doing some research, we have created a small list of websites that will help you to perform vulnerability research. Here it is, 1. Security Tracker   Security Tracker provides…

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How do Hackers Hack your Passwords?

Many of you might have been victims of your email accounts being hacked, or your Facebook password not working. This maybe because your password might have been hacked by the…

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