Top 10 Ways How Hackers Can Hack Facebook Accounts

Hackers use various methods for hacking a facebook account password of victim. Here I tell you what type of methods hackers are using for hacking a facebook account and how can you prevent yourself from these hacks.

1. Facebook Phishing

Phishing is one of the most popular ways for hacking a facebook account. In Phishing, the hacker creates a fake login page or create a clone of facebook login page that looks like the real facebook page. In the next step facebook, hacker asks the victim to log in through the fake phishing web page, victim username and password stored in a hacker computer.

Facebook Phishing Attack

Facebook Phishing Attack

How to Protect yourself from Facebook Phishing

  • Never login your facebook account on another computer.
  • Always avoid emails that ask you to log in your facebook account in the new tab.
  • Never open any spammy links that give by your friend in the message box or by SMS.
  • Always use Chrome browser, chrome identifies the phishing page.
  • Use Antivirus in your computer.
  • Make sure you are on and double-check the web address.

2. Keylogging

Keylogging is one of the easiest ways to hack a password of the facebook account. Keylogger is a small software or program which installed in a victim computer and this program record everything which victim type in his computer.

Keyloggers - Record your every Keystroke

Keyloggers – Record your every Keystroke

How to Protect yourself from Keyloggers

  • Install a good antivirus in your computer.
  • Never open your facebook account on another computer.
  • Always download free software from trusted websites
  • Never download or get a software from untrusted sources.
  • Always scan a pen drive for virus

3. View Saved Password from Browser

Like you know whenever we login new account in our browser, the browser asks to save this username and password in the computer. Anyone can hack your facebook account from view your facebook password in your browser.

View Saved Password in Chrome Browser

View Saved Password in Chrome Browser

Just go this URL and you see username and password in your chrome browser.


How to Protect yourself from this Hack

  • Never save your login password in your web browser.
  • Secure your chrome browser with the password.
  • Always use the strong password in your Computer.

4. Mobile Phone Hacking

Generally, we reset our facebook password from our mobile phone. What if someone install monitor apps in our phone. With monitor apps, hackers can access and read your all sms and he can easily reset your facebook password in just seconds.

Mobile Phone Hacked

Mobile Phone Hacked

How to Protect yourself from Facebook Mobile Phone Hacking

  • Always install a good antivirus in your mobile phone.
  • Never install unknown apps in your phone.
  • Always check your phone for suspicous apps

5. Social Engineering

Social Engineering is simple attack made by hacker, in this method hacker can collect information about victim as much as he can from various methods. If victim uses simple password like his birthday date, mobile number, school name, girlfriend name and bike number , a good hacker can easily guess your password and hack your facebook account.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering

How to Protect Yourself from Social Engineering Attack

  • Never use any simple password in your facebook account.
  • Never ever write you facebook account in any paper.
  • Many people use the same password in different websites, my advice is never to use same password for many websites.
  • Make strong password from this website Random Password Generator

6. From Hacking your Email Account

Mainly the first hacker hacks your email account then hack your facebook account from password resetting.

Hack Email Password

Hack Email Password

How to Protect yourself from Email Hacking

  • Enable 2 Step authentication in your email account. When you enable this security in your Gmail account, no one accesses your Gmail account without your mobile OTP.


  • Use strong password in your email.

7. Source Code

At facebook website login pages, you can view masked passwords (******)by changing the password input type as text from inspect element in your browser. This method works in all modern browser. Never leave your PC on with signup page. Anyone can know your facebook password from this method.



Save yourself from this Attack

  • Never save your facebook password in your web browser.

8. Tabnapping

Nowdays you can see ,you can signup and make your id on any website from your facebook account. Many websites are create a fake login page and asks you to enter your facebook username and password. In this hack hacker create a fake website and asks user to sign up from you facebook account.

Sign up through Facebook

Sign up through Facebook

Hacker also create a fake game website and asks user to sign up for play more. If you enter your facebook username and password , that mean you are hack.

How to Protect yourself from Tabnapping

  • Avoid signup from facebok account, always use trusted websites.
  • Avoid spyware and freeware software.
  • Never play free games on untrusted websites.

9. From Hacking your WiFi Network

Hackers hack your wifi network , if you use weak password in your router security. Once they hacked your wifi network they easily hack your computer. They Hijack your all internet traffic and they easily hack your facebook account password.

Hack WiFi Network

Hack WiFi Network

Prevent yourself from Wifi Hacking

  • Never use free wifi or Public wifi.
  • In Public wifi always use VPN for eencrypt traffic.
  • Always use WPA-2 security with PIN.
  • Change your wifi password , if you wifi password has been compromised.

10. Always Logout

Many users never logout facebook id from the computer. Anyone can access your facebook account when you leave your computer. This is the last advice always logout our facebook account when you leave your computer alone.

Facebook Logout

Source: prophethacker

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  • mary woods Reply

    March 31, 2016 at 6:19 am

    Everyone should be careful of who they contact on here alot of fakes everywhere, i thought this hacking thing was a joke till i needed someone to do a private hacking for me and also a facebook. i was introduced to cyberwizard.140(at)gmaildotcom by my very good British friend, so i decided to try him and he passed. firstly he proves to you he is not a cheat by working a sample job that you confirm first then you are 100% sure he can do your work without being cheated. he never ask for payment first, he Shows proof works first he is just great.

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